Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Snow Queens

This is how things look around here these days. Hard as iron.

The paid shovellers are raking in the dough. Snow tires are earning their keep. The mail lady is doing a lot of trudging.

It's good tea-drinking weather. Or maybe hot apple pear cider with brandy.
Lovely for sitting by the fireplace, if it's in working order (mine isn't).
A jigsaw-in-progress tempts on the table.

Maybe I'll dig out that buttermilk buried at the back of the fridge and bake soda bread.

It isn't much of a stretch from the icicles above to Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen,
the woman with a heart of ice.

Which brings me to the Snow Queens of the tarot,
the Queens of Swords and Air and Winter.

I confess that I feel an affinity with these ladies, even though they are known to be the cold calculating hard-hearted women of the tarot court. 

Yes, there may be a little ice lurking around the edges of their hearts, but they have so many other characteristics that are enviable!

Take this Queen of Swords from the AnnaK, for starters. She stands unflinching in the cold, perhaps reviewing edits for a book she's writing, or pondering a cutting edge presentation she'll soon be making to the board.
(The snow board? Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Maybe there's a dicey issue with one of her subjects, and she's working out how to most kindly and efficiently deal with it.

Is this Queen using her superior smarts? Yes.
Is she also compassionate? Yes.

Now we come to the Tarot of the Sidhe.
This woman is a tough cookie. Meeting her is a bit like going to the vice-principal's office in high school. And she may speak sternly to you and give you a flinty look. You may squirm a bit in her presence.

But she brings the Gift of Reason to all her encounters. She doesn't make snap judgements or fly off the handle.
If she doesn't know the answer, she'll look it up.
And let's face it: anyone who forgoes a fancy throne to sit on a pile of books can't be all bad!

The Winter Court has arrived in the land of the Victorian Fairy.
Gone are the busy Autumn days filled with gathering and preparing. Stillness settles over all as cold and ice move in.

Here we have a pensive Queen. She holds her sword somewhat absently, as one might a pen or letter opener, and in fact it's pointing down at herself. As though to past wounds.

This Queen has known pain, heartache, challenges, suffering.
If you have earned her trust, and come to her for help, she will sift through her experiences and bring them to light in aid of you.

The ice covering her heart is its protection.

The Druidcraft's Queen has escaped to her throne on the
rocky heights. I think she's had a tough day and is letting
the wind sweep her mind clear of stress and negativity.

Once she's rested a bit, she'll be ready to cope with the problems of her world again. And she'll do it calmly and equitably.

As befits a Queen of the mind.

If you wish to chat with the Gaian's Guardian of Air, you might want to bring a big blanket! But her snowy perch is the only cold thing about this Queen.

She invites you in to enjoy her singing bowl.
She listens to your concerns.
She waits 'til you're done speaking.

Then she asks questions like:
Are you bringing your best effort to the situation?
Have you thought this through?
Are you allowing anger or jealousy to cloud your judgement?

Then she'll smile and send you on your way.

And that's why I love the Snow Queens!