Thursday, February 13, 2014

Odd Couples

This past weekend the new team figure skating event was aired from beautiful Sochi. Watching the pairs events got me thinking about couples who appear to be mismatched or incompatible.

Take Canada's Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, for instance. The difference in their heights is huge!
It looks like it could be a problem.

And yet...they fly!

How about Beauty and the Beast, one of the most famous odd couples, with this beautiful illustration
by Mercer Mayer.

And moviedom's The Odd Couple with the incomparable Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau who would later reprise their roles in Grumpy Old Men, a movie with the best out-takes ever!

Now let's go to some of tarot's most mismatched couples, Empresses and Emperors. (At least judging by their outward appearances. Because it's impossible to tell what's going on behind the public fa├žade of any relationship. Think of all the "ideal couples" you know who've split up.)

Let's start with the Bohemian Gothic from Baba Studios. She reminds me of my buxom French-Canadian Mimi in her handsome 50s. And he? A somewhat effete youngish man with a skull collection. Does she know about this hobby of his? Does he help out with the kids? Isn't she a bit old to have such a young daughter? Definitely a May-December kind of thing. Does it work for them? Hard to say.

How about Isha and Mark Lerner's Inner Child?
An elderly woman (fully clothed) rides away on a goose, possibly to escape her match with a naked delusional monarch clad in nothing but a barrel. Do they function as a couple? Perhaps not. (Although what woman doesn't appreciate a bit of a chase now and then?)
Are they great images for this tarot deck? Yes!

Now to Marcia McCord's Tea Tarot. Not just years but generations separate these two; they're not a couple but perhaps grandfather and granddaughter?
We see budding maternal instincts with her, and full-blown man-in-charge with him. Yet each exemplifies the role so perfectly.

It's said that opposites attract. Check out Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe.
She is cool, calm, placid, organized. He's on fire, somewhat impulsive, always burning holes in his socks.
Lots of checks and balances in this household; plenty of arguments about whose style of handling the situation is the right one! But they're facing each other, in tune, and open. It works!

Are there any Empress/Emperor couples who are NOT odd? Absolutely!
The Empress and Emperor from Courtney Weber's Tarot of the Burroughs is one example.
These two are definitely on the same wave-length! She makes the babies and he pitches in bigtime.
Are they compatible outside the bedroom? Who knows? But for now they're doing fine!