Friday, January 24, 2014

Penny for your thoughts

On May 4, 2012, the last penny rolled out of the Royal Canadian Mint, dismissed as costing more than it's worth after 155 years of loyal service.
As new generations enter the scene, expressions like penny for your thoughts, a penny saved is a penny earned, penny-wise pound-foolish, putting in your two-cents worth, being penniless, Pennies from Heaven, and even Yeats' poem Brown Penny will become shoulder shrugs and whatevers to kids of the future.
(Lest you get the false impression that I'm poetically literate, I'll confess that the only reason I know about this poem is because it's recited so juicily by Christopher Plummer in Must Love Dogs.)
The penny will join the ranks of cars that need a crank to get started, ice boxes, home delivery of milk and bread, kids going out to play all day and not checking in until the street lights come on, black&white TVs, dial phones, 35 mm slides, VHS tape, and last but not least, penny candy.

In honour of the penny, I offered four of my most trusted decks a penny for your thoughts.

I shuffled until one card jumped out or stuck its head up, and here's what they said (in alphabetical order so as not to show any unfair preference for one deck over the other!).

Anna K brought up IX THE HERMIT (I love this card!)
I'm going to take this as a suggestion to cocoon on this slightly snowy Saturday! No need to get all sociable. Partake of a pleasant mix of reading, crocheting, classical music, tarot explorations, maybe some introspective musings on goals for 2014, and don't forget to look out the window at the tranquil winter view.

The Druidcraft offered up the NINE OF WANDS (yikes!)
So Druids, I guess you'd like to introduce a little strife into my day. Hmm.
Wounded but still standing, wary and not yet letting down one's guard. This is taking me straight to a recent experience I had reading online, where the querent was not at all happy with my take on the question and hence declared me "inaccurate and unhelpful". I was wounded, no doubt about it. Mind you, since my readings are never intended to be predictive, and I say so at the outset, I knew in my heart of hearts that I can't be accurately accused of being inaccurate. However, it stung.
So for the next reading I felt a bit like this man: defensive, careful, on the lookout, battle-scarred.
So, NINE OF WANDS, I'm taking this as your reminder that I survived the experience and learned from it.
I'm a tarot warrior!

The Gaian ejected this card onto the floor: FIVE OF FIRE (another Fire card - good grief!)
My gentle Gaian has me breathing fire today! Well...
Do I need to let off some steam today? Release some wild notions that are too hot to handle? Am I more upset about the loss of the penny than I realized? Would this be a good day to write a blistering blog post about things I'm really hot-under-the-collar about?
Maybe I'll fire up the oven and bake a batch of spicy gingersnaps!

The Tarot of the Sidhe shot up XI STRENGTH, a fire-breathing dragon! (Is it time to turn down the thermostat?)
I can usually count on the Sidhe not to pussyfoot around; today is no exception.
The Sidhe astride the dragon seems surrounded by cool blue, so she won't catch fire from all the flames nearby. She's keeping a cool head while all around her is burning. She's not losing her cool because that might be dangerous.
This is a lovely depiction of hot/cold, within/without, inner cool/outer fire, facing the demon within with gentle courage.
As to how it relates to my snow-clad Saturday? I don't know yet, but the day is young.

Thank you, decks, for offering up your thoughts today!