Friday, January 03, 2014

Testing, Testing: getting cozy for 2014 with the Victorian Fairy

When my daughter was about eight years old we were reading Jill Barklem's little books, one for each season. We also bought two tea mugs and a small plate (Royal Doulton - yikes!) so we could have tea and cookies and get cozy with the residents of Brambly Hedge. I loved those times together, and really wanted to live in a place that looked liked Jill's artwork!

Yesterday I got serious with my new Victorian Fairy Tarot deck and companion book by Lunaea Weatherstone. The beautiful little tome is a treasure trove of Victorian poetic references and the language of flowers. And guess what? Not only do I love the deck and its seasonal approach to the Minors, but I'm also enamoured of the art which reminds me so much of Brambly Hedge! Minus the mice and plus the fairies.

The Autumn (Pentacles, Earth) scenes in the Victorian Fairy deck are particularly cozy.
Gathering for the cold days ahead, a community storing away together.

Preserving, drying, sharing, passing on how-tos from one generation to another.

I'm always sad when December is over; it's my favourite month of the year. Come January I need a bit of a kick start to move forward. This year the task falls to the Victorian Fairy deck; you ready, little people? I'm shuffling and waiting for cards to stick their heads up out of the deck. I need volunteers to answer my questions!

Well, Victorian fairies, what kind of a deck are you? Eight of Autumn (Earth) steps up. Let's see...
You'll work hard but cheerfully and cooperatively. I see patience here, and attention to detail.
(If this is sounding like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, I'm OK with that.)
You have impeccable taste in musical instruments. You have much experience but are willing to train your workers (aka me). You support a cluttered but creative mind, and respect taking care with one's endeavours.

What are you really good at? Ah, Trump I, the Conjurer (Magician)
You'll help me to conjure up great ideas for my clients; the magic of your images will inspire me to think outside of the box. Your magic is rooted in real life; it's not high-falutin'.
You're a breath of fresh air.

Is there anything you're not very good at? Anyone want to answer this one? VIII Fortitude (Strength)
Well, you're definitely sweet, I can see that. Not into brute strength? Forcing your opinions on others not your forte? You're better at catching flying ideas with honey than vinegar? Those are all good things! I think we're going to get along famously, Victorian Fairies!