Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Thanksgiving, October 2013

Fall is my favourite season!
I love the crisper air after summer's humidity, how sometimes in late afternoon the crowns of the trees are limned by sun against slate grey clouds.
Honeycrisp apples, extra spicy pumpkin pie, piles of squash on the farm stands.
How the leaves on my lythrum plant turn wine red which I wouldn't know if I were a proper gardener and pruned it down when the blooms were done.
The smell of burning -

Blah blah blah.
You humans are all about the non-essential parts of Thanksgiving. Nice little table arrangements with dried flowers. Aaaahhh the fresh air, the beautiful leaves, my grandmother's recipe for apple crisp...
You're living in a dream world, people!

The real deal is that the mean season is coming. No more food lying around in vegetable gardens. No berries on the yew bushes. Empty seed pods. Freezing our butts off. We squirrels have to be prepared.
Gaian Tarot

So here's what I do with your Thanksgiving decorations.
(Not my best side.)

I've been meaning to talk to you about last year's pumpkins...

Yeah, they were kinda tough. Apology accepted.
These new ones you've put out look nice and tender. Easier on the old incisors.
Gotta skitter. Happy Thanksgiving!
Elora Tarot